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The Unexpected Financial Consequences of a DWI in New Jersey

Want to avoid DWI punishments Carteret NJ

The consequences to a DWI conviction in New Jersey are not only legal, but also financial. In fact, many individuals are very surprised to discover how expensive a guilty verdict in their DWI case can become. Between the costs of fines ...

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DWI Checkpoints: New Jersey Rules and Procedures

DWI Checkpoints in Middlesex County NJ

Charged with DWI at a Checkpoint in Middlesex County, NJ While driving down the road, you see a line of vehicles, some orange traffic cones, and multiple police cars. Finally, you see a sign informing you of a DWI checkpoint ahead and ...

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0.9% BAC DWI Dismissed At Trial

East Brunswick NJ DWI lawyer

At Proetta & Oliver we handle a lot of DWI charges in Middlesex County, New Jersey and throughout the state every year. Surprisingly we are able to resolve a large portion of these as dismissals or downgrades without the necessity of a ...

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Drug Recognition Experts for DUI in New Jersey

DUI Charges in Woodbridge, Edison, New Brunswick NJ

If you have been charged with DUI in New Jersey after undergoing tests administered by a drug recognition expert (DRE), you may be wondering what a drug recognition expert is and how you can fight these serious charges. Our DUI defense lawyers ...

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I Was Charged with a DWI but I Didn’t Feel Drunk in New Jersey

Middlesex County NJ Drunk Driving Charges

As in all other states, the legal limit for alcohol-related intoxication in New Jersey is a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 or higher. Some drivers may “feel drunk” with a BAC lower than the legal limit, while other drivers may not feel ...

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