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DWI with a Child in the Vehicle

DWI with a Child in the Vehicle Lawyer New Brunswick NJ

Facing DUI with a Minor in the Car Charges in Middlesex County, NJ New Jersey has some of the most extensive, highly enforced, and harshly punished DWI laws in the country, and these laws are consistently upheld by police and prosecutors. ...

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What You Don’t Know About a DWI Could Cost You in NJ

New Jersey DWI Facts & Fallacies

If you’ve been charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) in New Jersey, what you don’t know about a DWI could cost you in a major way. That’s because NJ DWI laws tend to be complicated and confusing, and there are a number of common fallacies ...

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What it Means to be Charged with DWI in NJ Since the New Law Took Effect

New DWI Consequences in NJ

Woodbridge Driving while Intoxicated Defense Lawyers Governor Murphy, along with legislators in New Jersey, recognized that the former DUI laws imposing lengthy license suspensions upon conviction, without exception for work etcetera, left ...

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Is a DWI a Criminal Offense in New Jersey?

Charged with DWI in NJ, Is it a Crime

What kind of offense is a DUI in NJ? Thanks to PSAs, radio ads, television spots, billboards, and other announcements, most people are aware that driving while intoxicated is against the law throughout the United States, including in New Jersey. ...

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How Police Spot Drunk Drivers in New Jersey

Spotted for DWI Edison NJ lawyers near me

Why Was I Stopped for Drunk Driving in Middlesex NJ? Many people, whether they are too intoxicated to drive or not, will try to freshen up as they leave a bar by chewing gum or taking a mint to make sure that their breath doesn’t smell like ...

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