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Mens Rea in New Jersey Criminal Cases

Mens rea mental state criminal charges in NJ

Mens rea: What it Means and Why it Matters when Charged with a Crime in NJ Anyone charged with a crime in the United States is “innocent until proven guilty.” We have all heard this phrase thrown around hundreds of times. But what does it really ...

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Carteret NJ Drug Possession Attorney

Carteret NJ Drug Possession Charge Defense

If you are arrested and charged for possessing a controlled dangerous substance (CDS) in Carteret, you face multiple penalties along with the social stigma of being labeled as a drug offender with a criminal record. Whether it be marijuana, ...

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Disorderly Conduct Lawyers in North Brunswick NJ

North Brunswick Disorderly Conduct Attorney Needed

As a result of the population and commuter location, North Brunswick sees its fair share of disorderly conduct charges in accordance with N.J.S.A. 2C:33-2. Disorderly conduct applies to a broad set of circumstances, encompassing acts of improper ...

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Stages of a Middlesex County Criminal Case in Superior Court

Stages of a Criminal Case Middlesex County NJ

What Happens with the Criminal Process in Middlesex County NJ? Unless you are in the legal profession, what happens to people after they are arrested probably never crosses your mind. But say you have been arrested for an indictable crime, ...

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The Unique Law on Strangulation in New Jersey

Strangulation Charges in Middlesex County NJ

Charged with Aggravated Assault under N.J.S.A. 2C:12-1(b)(13) in Middlesex County In 2017, New Jersey Senators Linda Greenstein and Paul Sarlo sponsored legislation making strangulation under the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act a third ...

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