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Charged with Interfering with the Legal Process in NJ

Interfering with the Legal Process in Middlesex County NJ

For any acts that prevent an officer from making an arrest or conducting police work, state law, local law, and other related laws may pertain to the same actions, compounding penalties. In New Jersey, interfering with police work can come in ...

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New Jersey Rules on Juvenile Waivers to Adult Court

Middlesex County NJ Juvenile Waivers to Adult Court Attorneys

Lawyers that Defend Juvenile Clients Waived into Adult Court in Middlesex County, NJ New Jersey’s tough-on-crime laws punish adults to the degree their social breach warrants. The more heinous the crime, the worse the punishment. Thus, first ...

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The Risks of Failure to Appear in Court in New Jersey

Failure to Appear in Court Defense Attorneys Woodbridge NJ

Failed to Appear in Court in Middlesex County NJ? One of the biggest mistakes that a person can make when it comes to the New Jersey legal system is erroneously believing that they do not have to go to court for a scheduled proceeding. Failure ...

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Stages of a Middlesex County Criminal Case in Superior Court

Stages of a Criminal Case Middlesex County NJ

What Happens with the Criminal Process in Middlesex County NJ? Unless you are in the legal profession, what happens to people after they are arrested probably never crosses your mind. But say you have been arrested for an indictable crime, ...

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What Happens in Municipal Court in New Jersey?

Have a municipal court case in Woodbridge NJ best defense

Cases heard in municipal court are either motor vehicle tickets (including DWI offenses), disorderly persons or petty disorderly persons offenses in New Jersey. Aside from traffic violations, the offenses in municipal court are often referred to ...

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