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Three Charged with Robbery, Burglary, Theft after North Brunswick Break-In

Arrested in North Brunswick? Contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer at Proetta & Oliver

Charged with a Crime in North Brunswick, NJ? Call (732) 659-9600 for a free consultation with an experienced criminal defense lawyer right away. A recent case exemplifies that slew of criminal charges that can result from a single incident in ...

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Driving While Suspended Dismissed

Old Bridge NJ driving while suspended lawyer

Old Bridge NJ Driving While Revoked Attorney A ticket for driving while suspended has the possibility of getting very nasty with up to a 6 month loss of license, mandatory jail time for subsequent offenses and surcharges that can last for years. ...

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What Are My Rights if I Have a House Party in NJ?

New Brunswick House Party Defense

Facing Charges after a House Party in New Jersey? The last thing you want or expect when hosting a house party is to have a neighbor call the police to complain or end up with a criminal charge against you. Whether you are hosting your own party ...

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0.9% BAC DWI Dismissed At Trial

East Brunswick NJ DWI lawyer

At Proetta & Oliver we handle a lot of DWI charges in Middlesex County, New Jersey and throughout the state every year. Surprisingly we are able to resolve a large portion of these as dismissals or downgrades without the necessity of a ...

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Bail Hearing in Middlesex County NJ

Middlesex County Bail Hearing Attorney

Traditionally, after an arrest, an individual would expect the right to a phone call and await news on whether they could be released on bail and how much bail would be. However, while the idea of bail is to secure an individual’s future ...

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