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New Jersey May Ban Vape Pens & Electronic Cigarettes

Arrested with a Vape in Edison NJ best defense

Vaping, vape pens, electronic cigarettes, and similar devices are having a real moment right now, and a bad one. The FDA and CDC are investigating hundreds of lung illnesses that have been linked to vaping products. The New Jersey Department of ...

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South Plainfield Destructive Devices Charges Filed Against Man over Labor Day

Charged with a Weapon in South Plainfield NJ help top lawyers

Arrested for Destructive Device Possession in South Plainfield NJ Labor Day and the parades that commemorate the holiday are an important part of town life throughout New Jersey. South Plainfield has held a Labor Day parade every year for the ...

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What Happens in Municipal Court in New Jersey?

Have a municipal court case in Woodbridge NJ best defense

Cases heard in municipal court are either motor vehicle tickets (including DWI offenses), disorderly persons or petty disorderly persons offenses in New Jersey. Aside from traffic violations, the offenses in municipal court are often referred to ...

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Will New Jersey Find out about an Out of State DWI Conviction?

DUI from another state, impact on 2nd DWI in Edison

New Jersey imposes harsher and harsher DWI penalties the more DWI convictions you accumulate. Essentially, a second DUI offense is treated much more harshly than a first offense, and so on. But what if you were convicted of a DWI out of state ...

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Probation Violations VOP

Probation Violation Middlesex NJ help defense lawyers

Edison Violation of Probation Lawyer If you have been placed on probation for a crime in Middlesex County or anywhere else in New Jersey, there are things you need to know. Probation can seem like a gift in lieu of jail, but there are serious ...

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