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Will New Jersey Find out about an Out of State DWI Conviction?

DUI from another state, impact on 2nd DWI in Edison

New Jersey imposes harsher and harsher DWI penalties the more DWI convictions you accumulate. Essentially, a second DUI offense is treated much more harshly than a first offense, and so on. But what if you were convicted of a DWI out of state ...

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Probation Violations VOP

Probation Violation Middlesex NJ help defense lawyers

Edison Violation of Probation Lawyer If you have been placed on probation for a crime in Middlesex County or anywhere else in New Jersey, there are things you need to know. Probation can seem like a gift in lieu of jail, but there are serious ...

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New Brunswick Shoplifting Charges

Charged with Shoplifting in New Brunswick NJ best defense

Shoplifting Defense Lawyers in New Brunswick, NJ Shoplifting charges are filed every day in towns and cities throughout New Jersey, but few towns see more shoplifting charges than New Brunswick, the county seat of Middlesex County. Many people ...

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