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Middlesex County NJ

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Successfully Handled Thousands of Criminal, DWI, and Municipal Charges in New Jersey

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THC Possession Charges

Charged with THC oils, edibles, New Brunswick help top lawyers

Edison Cannabis Oil Defense Lawyers While New Jersey lawmakers considered legalizing marijuana (also known as cannabis) for adult recreational use, those legislative efforts have stalled, and marijuana remains illegal throughout the state unless ...

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When You Face Drug Charges after a Raid in Middlesex County

Looking for a Lawyer in New Brunswick Arrested in a Drug Raid

Need a New Brunswick Defense Lawyer for Charges from a Drug Raid Most people have seen photographs of videos of drug raids in the newspaper or on TV. They can be dramatic. Police may use a ram to bust open the door, order everyone in a building ...

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East Brunswick Drug Charges

Need a local East Brunswick drug attorney

East Brunswick Drug Defense Lawyer Law enforcement and prosecutors rigorously enforce drug laws throughout New Jersey, and the town of East Brunswick is no exception. East Brunswick is a township in Middlesex County, New Jersey. The town is ...

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Detaining You when Police Call the Drug Dogs

Dogs found drugs in my car Edison

If police suspect you of drug dealing or distribution, or an officer has reason to believe there are drugs in your car, they may request a canine unit or “drug-sniffing” dog to come to the scene.   These dogs are trained to alert their handlers ...

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South Brunswick Drug Distribution & Intent to Distribute Charges

Local South Brunswick lawyer for drug distribution charges

Being accused of drug distribution or possession with intent to distribute drugs in South Brunswick, NJ puts a lot on the line for you and those you love. When you are facing charges for distribution of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS), ...

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