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Middlesex County NJ

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Successfully Handled Thousands of Criminal, DWI, and Municipal Charges in New Jersey

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Bail Hearing in Middlesex County NJ

Middlesex County Bail Hearing Attorney

Traditionally, after an arrest, an individual would expect the right to a phone call and await news on whether they could be released on bail and how much bail would be. However, while the idea of bail is to secure an individual’s future ...

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How Certain Criminal Charges can Impact your Driver’s License in NJ

New Brunswick Criminal & Traffic Charges

Driving is considered a privilege and not a right in New Jersey. In this sense, your conduct, including criminal charges, can impact your privilege to be a driver and to have a driver’s license. Your driving privileges may be affected in a ...

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What Should I do if I Get Pulled Over in New Jersey?

New Brunswick NJ Traffic Attorneys

No one enjoys seeing blue lights in their rear view. However, it is likely that most drivers will be pulled over by a police officer at some point in their lifetime. Knowing what to do during a traffic stop in New Jersey is very important, as it ...

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Pre-Indictment Conference in Middlesex County NJ

Middlesex County Pre Indictment Conference Lawyer

If you have been charged with a criminal offense in Middlesex County, New Jersey, you likely feel frightened and confused. You may be unsure about the legal process and how you should handle your situation. There is a lot at stake in a criminal ...

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Disorderly Persons Offense in NJ

Edison NJ Disorderly Persons Offense Lawyer

Edison NJ Disorderly Persons Offense Lawyers Under New Jersey law, a disorderly persons offense is a classification of crimes similar to misdemeanors. Charges for disorderly persons offenses are the most common criminal charges handled in ...

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