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Will My College Find Out About Criminal Charges Against Me?

Student Charged with a Crime at College in New Brunswick? Call our local Criminal Defense Lawyers for help.

If you are a college student in New Jersey and you are arrested and charged with a crime, you likely have many concerns including whether your college will find out about the charges and, if so, what the consequences might be. Most students at ...

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Downgrading Charges in NJ Criminal Cases

Can I get my criminal charges downgraded? Call experienced Middlesex County criminal lawyers for help.

If you have been charged with a criminal offense in New Jersey, the best possible outcome for your case is if the charges against you are completely dismissed. However, when dismissal of your charges is unattainable or unlikely, another way to ...

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Central Judicial Processing (CJP) in Middlesex County NJ

Middlesex County NJ Central Judicial Processing Attorneys

Have Central Judicial Processing Court in Middlesex County NJ Central Judicial Processing (CJP) was implemented in New Jersey to minimize the amount of time that a defendant waits to see a judge for the first time after being detained, and it ...

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Criminal Charges for Road Rage in New Jersey

Charged after a Road Rage Incident? Call an Edison Criminal Defense Lawyer for Help Today.

Can a Road Rage Incident Lead to Criminal Charges in New Jersey? It is not uncommon to hear about a dispute between two drivers that rapidly escalates to violence. Some people have a tendency to become angry more quickly while on the road than ...

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What’s the Difference Between Conditional Discharge and Pre-Trial Intervention in New Jersey?

Avoid Criminal Record Lawyers New Brunswick NJ

Conditional Discharge and Pre-trial Intervention (PTI) are two different types of diversionary programs available in New Jersey. The two programs differ in their requirements for eligibility, but function very similarly. If you’ve been ...

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