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Sex Crimes

Middlesex County NJ Sex Crimes Lawyer Megan’s Law Defense Attorneys in Edison, New Jersey In New Jersey, sex crimes are very serious offenses. If convicted, the penalties associated with sex crimes can be severe and include jail or prison ...

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Theft and Fraud

Middlesex County NJ Theft and Fraud Lawyers Criminal Attorneys for Theft Charges in Edison, New Jersey For individuals who have been charged with any type of theft or fraud crime, an experienced attorney is the best recourse to ensure that their ...

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Drug Charges

Middlesex County NJ Drug Charges Lawyer Drug Crimes Defense Attorneys in Edison, New Jersey Due to the importance that our society places on minimizing drug and narcotics activity, law enforcement targets those suspected of committing drug ...

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Assault and Threat Crimes

Assault Defense Lawyers in Middlesex County NJ The essence of assault and related crimes is disrupting the peace and safety of another. New Jersey takes violent crimes very seriously, and prosecutors are often hesitant to plea bargain these ...

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DWI & DUI Charges

DWI Defense Lawyers in Middlesex County, NJ Defending Clients Against DUI Charges in Edison, New Brunswick, Woodbridge, and throughout New Jersey New Jersey takes charges such as DWI, refusal to submit to a breath test, and drug DUI very ...

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