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Edison NJ Burglary Suspect on the Loose

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According to nj.com, an armed intruder broke through the glass door of an Edison Township home and threatened a family by brandishing a handgun before fleeing with $15 and a pair of gold earrings.

The suspect is still on the loose, however police do not believe that the individual is connected to the recent string of home invasions targeting Asian-American families throughout Middlesex County.

In a statement, Edison Police Chief Thomas Bryan said, “Although this crime is classified as a home invasion, there is no indication or evidence that this family was targeted because of their ethnicity, culture or beliefs.” He further stated, “This was a poorly-planned crime of opportunity by a suspect who I want to see brought to justice as soon as possible.”

According to police who arrived at the scene, the residents said that they were awakened by the sound of broken glass before discovering the armed intruder who then demanded cash and jewelry. The man then gave over $15 from his wallet while the woman handed over her gold earrings.

Forcible entry into a residence is a serious crime. In New Jersey, burglary is a severe offense that is punishable by incarceration, steep fines, and probation in addition to a permanent criminal record. Interestingly, a theft need not occur in order for a burglary to occur. The state must simply prove that an unauthorized entry or “breaking in” took place and that the defendant intended to commit a crime pursuant to the “breaking.”

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